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GM Financial provides car loans and leases for General Motors’ automotive brands, including Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC. It offers financing through dealerships in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. At the time of publishing, you can pre-qualify online and receive a no-interest loan if you have a high credit score.

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Pros & Cons


  • Apply online to pre-qualify
  • Mobile app
  • 0% financing for top credit scores


  • Penalty for early payment
  • No grace period for payments

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Kingston, NY

I am literally crying. ... They have been so good to me and working out whatever money issues with my payments, and for that I love and will miss them. I've been with GM financial...

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Pensacola, FL

I recently purchased a 2018 Camaro new 6 months ago and … was let go and had no income for a few months... and this company has been so understanding. It's nice to see this type o...

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GM Financial FAQ

Does GM finance bad credit?

Potentially. The GM Financial website doesn’t specify a minimum credit score. It does state that it looks beyond credit scores when making approval decisions, though.

Does GM Financial have an app?

Yes, GM Financial does have an app where you can access your account, make payments and find answers to your questions. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Does GM Financial offer special financing?

GM Financial does offer special financing, but it doesn’t specify what’s available. To find out what you can qualify for, fill out an application to pre-qualify on the company’s website.

What credit score do you need for GM 0% financing?

GM 0% financing requires you to have an excellent credit score, likely over 800. Availability and term length for this offer vary by location and vehicle.

What bank does GM Financial use?

GM Financial offers its loans and leases in-house. Previously, the company worked with Ally and U.S. Bank, but it cut ties with those institutions in 2015.

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TLakeside, CA

Reviewed Dec. 18, 2023

What a completely incompetent company. They reported a late payment towards the end of my lease on my credit and it was not even close to late. They also took an extra payment on my last payment and it’s been over 30 days and still no refund. I am done with Chevy.

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CynthiaFranklin, TN

Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Oct. 12, 2023

I often overpay on my auto loan to bring down my principal and pay off the loan quicker. With GM, you have to contact them to ask them to apply it to principal. Most financial agencies automatically do that. Anyway, on my last pmt, I over paid by $900. I made the phone call. They told me it would be taken care of. Two weeks and five phone calls later, still not done. I’m getting the runaround. I don’t think it’s ever going to be properly applied and I just wasted the overpayment. They are incompetent and it’s been nothing but frustrating and stressful. I wouldn’t use them. I can’t wait to pay off this loan early and just be done with them. I will be filing a complaint with my state attorney general's office.

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ArianeEarth, TX

Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Sept. 21, 2023

If all you are ever going to do is pay your bill on time, they are great. I had zero issue for 3 years. But then, my car was sadly damaged in a hail storm. The insurance company gave me the option to sign the check over to the finance company, and they would pay the bill and if there was a balance left over it would be applied to my loan. Or I had the option to sign it over to the auto shop and they just keep the balance. Seemed like a straightforward decision. I called, asked what information they needed in order to pay the shop so I could get my car back. It took about 12 different calls, and numerous reps telling me, or basically threatening me that if everything wasn't done to a T, they would not pay and they would keep the check and I would not get my car back.

Who do you think you are? You don't pay my insurance. Do you think you are the only bank out there? I never did get any real help from them. I refinanced with a much more helpful company the next day. Amazingly my problem was gone after that. I will never use this bank again. Disgusting customer service and clearly culture. Because it was not just one person. They are trained that way.

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CatherinePewaukee, WI

Verified purchase

Customer ServiceProcess

Reviewed July 31, 2023

We have leased several vehicles through GM Finance for years. Our last leased vehicle we purchased off the lease at the end of June 2023 through GM Mode Financial per GM Finances rules if you want GM Finance. The purchase was seamless and easy. So GM Mode got the hard part of the process right. Unfortunately, it’s the easy part they messed up horribly. There is a license plate questionnaire for vanity plates and whether you want to keep your vanity plates. The vehicle we purchased off the lease had vanity plates and we wanted to keep the vanity plates and responded accordingly. Imagine our surprise when new plates were delivered to us on July 25, 2023. We contacted the DMV and were told GM Mode requested new plates and there was no mention of transferring the current vanity plates. We contacted GM Mode Financial and we’re told it would take 1-2 days for them to figure out what happened and they would get back to us.

No one got back to us. We contacted them again and the response was they are waiting for the title company to respond to them. Tomorrow it will be a week and there is no resolution. GM Mode has not contacted us. We assume this is a common error, therefore, it should be pretty easy to fix but GM Mode needs to fix it because they have the title in their possession. The customer service of GM Mode Financial is horrible and the parent company GM Financial should ultimately be held accountable. We did reach out to the parent company GM Financial about the issue and they said they couldn’t address this error and that GM Mode Financial needs to address it. With all the car makers out there, it’s hard to understand how foolish GM Financial is to be willing to lose customers over something as easy as correcting a plate transfer error because their customer service is horrendous.

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KatlynnSouthaven, MS

Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 26, 2023

In June 2022 my husband's father died and we were told by the TX Judge we could not take possession of any of his property until after probate. We were trying to take over payments on his 2020 GM Colorado. GM wanted us to pay off the truck but we did not want to pay for something we were unable to physically get possession of. 9 months later probate was over and we contacted GM Financial to let them know we have possession of the truck and have the money to send them a check for pay off. My credit union representative spoke to a GM representative by the way. This had to be done on a conference call with my husband's sister because they refused to speak to anyone except the executor of my husband's dad's estate. My credit union rep had to know what they needed from her and she also needed some paperwork from them. Some paperwork was sent to both parties that evening.

(3) days later they repossessed the truck from our drive way. After 4-5 days of requesting the 10 day pay off and being told by multiple people GM doesn't send out those my Credit union Rep who knew of the situation went ahead and sent them a photocopy of the check and tracking number hoping they would turn over the truck back to us. They refused to speak to anyone but my husband's sister and refused to tell us where to go to pick up the truck or even our personal belongings which had my badge for work in it for 10 days after they cashed the check and it had cleared. Also as far as I know our credit union rep has never received the 10 day pay off. I do want to say Thank you to Jose and Patrick the only two GM representatives that really went above and beyond to help us. GM Financial is a horrible company and multiple reps that work for the company were unhelpful as well as extremely rude. Work with this company at your own risk.

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DanSaint Ignace, MI

Reviewed June 1, 2023

23 months ago I'm leasing a Chevy truck. Today I'm looking at trading it in for another 3 year lease. But I'm told it's going to be 660 a month.. As I'm looking to retire soon I can't afford it. Why is GM doing this?!

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StephanieMansura, LA

Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed May 28, 2023

Gm claimed my mom vehicle was 3 months behind. Gathered all receipts from 2023. Emailed them. Got no response. Now they claiming 3 missed payments in 2021. Emailed those as well. No response. This lady is 80 years old. Has 2 blind children. One in dialysis and these people do not care. We have every receipt with the account numbers on them. Her husband is deceased and passed away in 2019. She has made every payment since. I hope someone is paying attention to these reviews and steps in. What they are doing is illegal. In Louisiana you have to miss 3 or more consecutive payments for repossession. She has only missed one in December 2022.

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ReginaSeaside Heights, NJ

Reviewed April 26, 2023

I paid them a monthly payment. They said it arrived on a weekend. I had mailed it 10 days prior from NJ to Phoenix. An office in Texas said they got it hours after they sent a Repo truck to take my car away. So they not only took my payment but they took the car away. Bank said it can’t help to cancel check sent, so they not only stole the car but they also stole my payment. Recommend to never buy or lease a car from them!

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DarrinOcklawaha, FL

Reviewed April 13, 2023

This company will destroy your credit score and refuses to remove the false information they send to the credit bureaus. After the 7 yr limit is reached they will change dates so it stays on till death.

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RodrigoLafayette, CO


Reviewed April 3, 2023

Horrible experience with this so called professional company. I paid my car off and have yet to receive my car title. It's been 2 months and still nothing. Then they informed me that I would have to go to my DMV and pay myself to get the title from them. Absolutely crazy. I would never recommend this company and would warn others to stay clear of them.

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As an expert in the field of automotive financing and lending institutions, it's evident from the information provided that GM Financial is a key player in providing car loans and leases specifically tailored for General Motors' automotive brands, such as Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. Here's a breakdown of the concepts and information mentioned in the article:

  1. GM Financial Overview:

    • GM Financial is a company that specializes in offering car loans and leases for General Motors' brands.
    • It provides financing through dealerships across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  2. Loan Options:

    • The article mentions the availability of online pre-qualification for loans.
    • No-interest loans are offered for individuals with high credit scores.
  3. Rates:

    • The article does not explicitly mention interest rates, but it indicates the availability of 0% financing for those with top credit scores.
  4. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

    • The article includes common questions that customers may have about GM Financial.
    • Topics covered include bad credit financing, the availability of a mobile app, and information about special financing options.
  5. Reviews and Complaints:

    • Customer reviews are provided, showcasing both positive and negative experiences with GM Financial.
    • Positive reviews highlight the company's understanding and flexibility during challenging financial situations.
    • Negative reviews mention issues such as reporting inaccuracies, difficulties in applying overpayments to the principal, and challenges with the transfer of vehicle ownership.
  6. Pros & Cons:

    • The article concludes with a list of pros and cons, including the ability to apply online for pre-qualification and the availability of a mobile app.
    • Cons include penalties for early payment and the absence of a grace period for payments.
  7. FAQ Section:

    • The FAQ section answers common queries such as whether GM Finance caters to bad credit customers, the availability of a mobile app, and the requirements for qualifying for 0% financing.
  8. Credit Score for 0% Financing:

    • The article specifies that a credit score likely over 800 is required for GM 0% financing.
  9. In-House Financing:

    • GM Financial provides its loans and leases in-house, and it no longer works with Ally and U.S. Bank as of 2015.
  10. Consumer Reviews:

    • ConsumerAffairs has collected reviews and ratings for GM Financial, including both positive and negative experiences.

In summary, GM Financial appears to be a major player in the automotive financing industry, catering to a wide range of customers and providing financing solutions for those with high credit scores. However, customer experiences vary, and potential customers should consider both positive and negative reviews when evaluating GM Financial as their financing option.

Compare 655 GM Financial Reviews (Jan 2024) (2024)


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